Teacher Appreciation Week

National Teacher Day is May 7, 2024, and National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, 2024

School In-services professional development pans pandasTeachers and schools, your dedication shines brightly. We appreciate those who have attended an ASPIRE professional development in-service on PANS PANDAS—your commitment to guiding, protecting, and nurturing our students nationwide. Your proactive engagement in supporting students with PANS PANDAS is invaluable, contributing greatly to their well-being and academic success. Your tireless efforts empower students with the tools to pursue their dreams and shape a promising future.

Learn more about ASPIRE’s in-services on PANS/PANDAS: Professional Development https://aspire.care/schools-educators/calling-all-educators/  https://aspire.care/treating-pans/pans-at-school/

Learn more about PANS in the School Setting: Articles & Resources



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