Team Approach Needed

PANS PANDAS is characterized by a cluster of symptoms ranging from neuropsychiatric, cognitive, behavioral to neurological symptoms. 80% of PANS patients present with neuroinflammation and/or postinfectious autoimmunity. Doctors must individualize treatment protocols according to the patient’s severity of symptomology, course of illness, lab testing, and physical exam.

Primary care providers can treat most PANS patients with the direction of the Treatment Guidelines. However, clinically complex patients may require a team of PANS clinicians. PANS PANDAS patients and families often need a cross-discipline collaborative effort to diagnose and treat appropriately. There are a few multi-disciplinary clinics in the US, but many have to create their team to work collaboratively. The team can include medical doctors from several specialties, mental health providers but also incorporates school professionals, friends, family, and support groups.  Find a Provider.


Team Approach for PANS PANDAS - Circle of Care