Tracking symptoms is a critical part of making a clinical diagnosis and forming treatment plans.

PANS/PANDAS Symptoms Tracking Tools

PANS is a clinical condition identified by an abrupt onset of a specific cluster of symptoms as a result of a variety of etiologies and disease mechanisms. Therefore, tracking symptoms, onset, severity, and duration is a critical part of making a clinical diagnosis and forming treatment plans. There are two useful PANS Symptom Rating Scale tools.

Parents should fill out the PANS Symptom Scale-Parent Version in advance of an appointment. This scale includes the core obsessive-compulsive symptoms and the associated symptoms and provides an Impairment Rating key to aid being consistent. The PANS Rating Scale Tracking Chart is simple to fill out but less detailed in its breakdown of each symptom.

Note: If your child is exhibiting behaviors that do not fit into one of the categories in these PANS/PANDAS Symptoms Tracking Tools, then write them down on a separate sheet of paper with the date they started and the severity.  The doctor needs to form a comprehensive clinical picture so you should not leave anything out just because you are not sure how it fits or if it does.

Use the PANS Symptom Scale-Parent Version and the PANS Rating Scale along with ASPIRE’s Medication Log Sheet.


PANS Rating Scale

Developed by Tanya Murphy, MD and Gail Bernstein, MD. Source: PANS/PANDAS: CLINICAL & RESEARCH UPDATE, Gail A. Bernstein, MD, 12/9/16, University of Minnesota

The PANS Rating Scale is available as a pdf and Google Sheet. The Google Sheet is protected. We created separate tabs, one for each month, to easily track each month! You can download it as an Excel spreadsheet onto your hard drive or save a copy to your own Google drive.

PANS Symptom Scale

(Parent Version) Developed by Susan Swedo, M.D., Miroslav Kovacevic, M.D., Beth Latimer, M.D., and James Leckman, M.D. with the help of Diana Pohlman, Keith Moore, and many other parents.

The PANS Symptom Scale – Parent Version, is available to download as a pdf.

PANS Symptom Scale PDF

Related Disorder Scales/Assessment Questionnaires

Standard symptom assessment questionnaires are available for many of the individual PANS symptoms. They can be used as validated measures for initial diagnosis and to track therapy results. Some PANS doctors and therapists will use these tools in conjunction with either of the two PANS Scales above. Caregivers and patients can also utilize these tools to communicate with their medical team effectively.

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