Webinar – Darin Ingels, ND – Low Dose Immunotherapy: A Novel Treatment for PANS


Speaker: Darin Ingels, ND, FAAEM, FMAPS

Webinar: Low Dose Immunotherapy: A Novel Treatment for PANS

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 27 at 8:30 pm EST/ 5:30 pm PST

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Abstract:  It is well established that certain infectious diseases can be underlying triggers for PANS and that the presence of infection is not the only mechanism by which neural inflammation occurs. The capacity for any microbe to induce autoantibodies against the brain or nerves exists and current research has shown that any number of various bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites can modulate the immune system in a negative way leading to inflammation in the brain and ultimately PANS. While conventional therapy has mostly targeted eradication of the organism, immune suppressive therapy or IVIG, there are few options that work to modulate the immune system and downregulate this autoimmune response. Low dose immunotherapy (LDI) was developed by Dr. Ty Vincent as a way to help counter the effects of microbe-induced autoimmunity. Through an immune concept called molecular mimicry, our immune system can accidentally start attacking out own tissues if there is a molecule on the microbe that is structurally similar to something that is part of us. In an effort to eradicate the organism, these antibodies bind to our own tissues, causing inflammation and destruction. LDI works to offset this reaction and reestablish a healthy balance in the immune system. In this lecture, Dr. Ingels will review how LDI works and will share his clinical experience in using it in his patients. He will also discuss the nuances of this therapy and how it can be integrated into a comprehensive approach to treating PANS.

About Darin Ingels, ND, FAAEM, FMAPS

Dr. Darin Ingels is a licensed naturopathic physician, author, international speaker and leading authority on nutritional medicine. 

He is a former Lyme patient who overcame his own 3-year battle with Lyme disease, after having failed conventional treatment and became progressively debilitated. Dr. Ingels found that proper diet, lifestyle management and natural therapies worked with his body to heal instead of against it.  He then applied what he learned about diet and lifestyle management to his own patients and found they recovered faster and with less side effects. Dr. Ingels has now treated thousands of patients with chronic illness using his novel approach, many who have gone one to live healthy, symptom-free lives.

Dr. Ingels has been featured on WebMD, MindBodyGreen, BeWell, ThriveGlobal, Motherly, Voyage LA and Dr. Ron Hoffman’s Intelligent Medicine podcast and is the author of The Lyme Solution: A 5-Part Plan to Fight the Inflammatory Autoimmune Response and Beat Lyme Disease.

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