Webinar – Jennifer Leiman, MS, OTR/L – Executive Function Tools: Before, During, & After a Flare

Speaker: Jennifer Leiman, MS, OTR/L

Webinar: Executive Function Tools: Before, During, & After a PANS PANDAS Flare

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  • Connecting PANS/PANDAS to Executive Function
  • Executive Function – Technical Terms and Strategies
  • Talking to Your Children about Executive Function
  • Implementing These Tools 
  • How to Setup these Tools at Home
  • Drop and Organize – an Organizational Program

About Jennifer Leiman M.S. OTR/L

I have been a treating occupational therapist (OT) for about 20 years, and have spent my entire time in pediatrics. I have a wide range of skills with a current focus on implementing strategies for improved legibility, executive function, and sensory tools within the structure of a school-based setting. I’m also a certified executive function coach. My husband and I live in northern NJ with our two young children. My older son is in middle school and has a diagnosis of Twice-Exceptional and my younger daughter is in elementary school with a diagnosis of PANS/Lyme.

My Goal I seek to integrate concrete tools that are child-specific yet appropriate for the entire classroom dynamic. I have also developed easy and effective handwriting and organizational strategies, striving to assist students and the classroom staff in achieving a student’s OT goals.

My Therapy Approach I believe in a student-focused, holistic approach, treating your children as if they were my own. I accomplish this by working collaboratively with students, teachers, and parents to help each student achieve their greatest potential.

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