Pandas: A Rare Case Report

Y. Kulkarni, R. Warkari, “Pandas: A Rare Case Report”, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Volume 5 Issue 2, February 2016, pp. 148-149,

Abstract: PANDAS, also labelled as PANS, is a pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder due to streptococcal infection. Although it affects 1 in 1000 children, cases reported in Indian context are relatively few because of lack of awareness about the syndrome amongst clinicians. We report here a case of a 13 years old male from a rural area presenting to us with an acute onset of repetitive behavior following a febrile illness 2 months prior. Investigations confirmed rheumatic valvular heart disease. A diagnosis of PANDAS was made and treatment was started. The patient responded to treatment and gained symptomatic relief. Timely intervention
and high index of suspicion towards a pediatric febrile illness can help to reduce the morbidity associated with this neuropsychiatric

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