GAPS Nutritional Protocol as a Treatment for PANDAS: A Case Study

Delaunay-Vagliasindi S, Seneff S, Coro S & Campbell-McBride N (2021) GAPS Nutritional Protocol as a treatment for PANDAS: A case study. J Orthomol Med. 36(3). 6 September 2021 

“Growing research is calling attention to the role of poor gut health in autoimmune conditions, psychological conditions, and neurological conditions – all of which are relevant to PANDAS. The gut microbiome is a perfect target for treatment as it is flexible and adapts quickly to changes. Currently, the first-line treatments for PANDAS are antibiotics and mood stabilizers. The GAPS Nutritional Protocol aims to heal the gut lining, and restore microbial balance in the gut flora. After 18 months, George saw all his PANDAS-related symptoms disappear – tics, anxiety, hypersensitivity to noise and odours, sleep issues, concentration issues, fine motor issues, digestive issues, restricted eating habits, and quality of eye-contact – to the point where his diagnosis was officially removed. In addition, the abnormal blood test results that were indicative of the PANDAS condition – EO, NEUT, LYMPH, NLR, MPV – were restored to normal ranges after the GAPS intervention.”

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