Association of Streptococcal Throat Infection With Mental Disorders Testing Key Aspects of the PANDAS Hypothesis in a Nationwide Study

Sonja Orlovska, MD; Claus Høstrup Vestergaard, MS; Bodil Hammer Bech, PhD; Merete Nordentoft, DrMed; Mogens Vestergaard, PhD; Michael Eriksen Benros, PhD
JAMA Psychiatry-2017

The findings reported in this research study represent one of the largest retrospective studies conducted to date on the association between streptococcal infections and PANDAS. Children with a previously positive streptococcus test had an 18% higher risk of any mental disorder, 51% higher risk of OCD, and 35% higher risk of tic disorders, which are diagnostic criteria for PANDAS. Study findings support the association of streptococcal and non-streptococcal infections in the diagnosis of pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome.

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