Diagnosis Day

PANS PANDAS DiagnosisShare your PANS PANDAS Diagnosis Story with ASPIRE!

I like to reflect every year on the official day PANS PANDAS came into my family’s life. First Timmy was diagnosed and then two more followed way too many years later. I repost the same thing almost every year. – Gabriella True, ASPIRE President.

June 26, 2011 – Timmy officially diagnosed with PANDAS. We of course had suspicions already which is why I packed up T and X and got on a plane cross country to see a doctor that would help. For me, I felt lucky that I was able to go to a doctor that I knew would help him. We had been doing biomed for his autism already so we were already in a network of amazing MAPS doctors. He still has flares from time to time but at this point they are manageable. He is a tough nut kid with many medical issues but thankful we can keep progressing towards a happier and healthier future.

Do you remember the day your child officially got a diagnosis of PANS/PANDAS? Was it your first doctor? Was it your fifth? Were you devastated? Were you relieved to have an answer and the start of a treatment plan? Was your child diagnosed incorrectly prior to that? Email us at ASPIRE us your Diagnosis Day Story.  Or submit your full Personal or Family PANS PANDAS Story.


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