The Get Unstuck Parenting Summit

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April 23-25
Your roadmap to breaking free from anxiety, ADHD, OCD, mood issues and behavioral problems

I think we can all agree that we are living through difficult times… I know how much harder things have been since 2020 – and still now in 2021 – and even more so if you’re a parent whose kids are struggling with attention, learning, emotions, or behavior.

Our friend, colleague, and children’s mental health expert Dr. Roseann is hosting a free event called The Get Unstuck Parenting Summit. You’ll hear from trusted experts and from parents just like you, like ASPIRE’s president, Gabriella True, who have found answers to help improve their child’s behavior. Register for free right here 

Unstuck gabriella true aspire pans pandasIf your kid is totally unfocused and unmotivated right now, you are not alone! If you are parenting children with ADHD, anxiety, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme Disease, depression, behavioral issues, learning disabilities, failure to launch, social media addiction, technology addiction, virtual learning difficulties, then you aren’t alone either…

You’ll get the solutions you are looking for and find out how to help your child’s or teen’s depression, anxiety, and attention challenges with safe, natural, and effective tools.

Sign up for the FREE Get Unstuck Parenting Summit to gain tips, tools, and techniques to help your kid get focused and learn!

Get Unstuck Parenting Summit

Clips from the Get Unstuck Parenting Summit
  • Gabriella True, Board President of ASPIRE for PANS/PANDAS
  • Dr. Tom Moorcroft, DO, Founder of Origins of Health and PANS/PANDAS/AE and Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Expert
  • Pete Wright, Esq. Special Education Law Expert, Founder of
  • Miranda Hope, TEDx Speaker and daughter of Bob Hope
  • Dr. Elisa Song, MD of Healthy Kids, Happy Kids
  • Cynthia Henry Thurlow, Women’s Health Expert, TEDx Speaker with 8 Million Views
  • Robin McManne, Founder of Parenting for Connection
  • Dr. Debi Silber, Founder, The Post Betrayal Transformation Institute
  • Maria Rickert Hong, Author of Almost Autism
  • Beth Lambert, Director of Epidemic Answers and Author of A Compromised Generation
  • Dr. Krista Burns, Founder of The American Posture Institute
  • Becky Wells, Founder of the Hippie Moms Community
  • Faith Clark, Teamwork, Organizational, and Inclusion Expert
  • Nancy McDermott, LCSW, JD, Failure to Launch Expert
  • Diane Carlson, LCSW, Parenting, ADHD and Autism Expert

Get Unstuck Parenting Summit

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  1. Mary
    April 12, 2021

    I have a scheduling conflict and wondered if any portion of the conference will be made available fir viewing after these dates to those who register?

    • Gabriella True
      April 16, 2021

      The only option is to purchase the complete set of lectures.


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