Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection System

Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection System

by Beth Alison Maloney J.D. (Author)

Protecting Your Child from the Child Protection SystemWhat would you do if you thought the government was coming to take your child? Protecting Your Child explains the child protection system—what it is, the way it works, and how to navigate your way through it. For those who find themselves unjustly accused, this book will help.

CPS was designed to intervene when children are in need, but many times it oversteps that limited role to investigate and even remove children from safe families. Loving parents, who mean well, often do and say things that inadvertently make their situation worse. This book explains the missteps and how to avoid them. Special sections address how mothers of medically complex children often face the “medical kidnapping” of their children and outlines the steps that help reduce the risk.

Every step of the process is covered including:

  • how a case begins,
  • investigatory steps that may lead to legal proceedings,
  • the statements and conduct that may backfire on parents,
  • team meetings, assessments, substantiations, safety plans, reunification plans, and terminations of parental rights,
  • the petition for custody and other legal filings,
  • choosing a lawyer and other members of the parent’s support team,
  • what happens inside the courtroom,
  • the roles of CPS caseworkers, child advocates, judges, doctors, and law enforcement,
  • who are child abuse pediatricians,
  • what is a medical kidnapping,
  • what is medical child abuse,
  • what is doctor shopping,
  • what is Munchausen by proxy,
  • what happens if you cannot afford a lawyer,
  • whether the government must let you know if it plans to take custody of your children,
  • whether your children can be interviewed by CPS without your permission,
  • whether you must let CPS into your home, and
  • the various reports that may be made against you and who generally makes those reports.

When parents need help and direction about CPS involvement, this book provides them with the clear and accurate information they need to make informed decisions.

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