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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week #NEDAwareness takes place ​Monday, February 22 – Sunday, February 28​.

PANS PANDAS & Eating Disorders/Food Restrictions Poster FlyerOne of the primary symptoms of PANS is Severe Eating Restriction. Over 50% of PANS patients will have non-life threatening eating restrictions but more severe than picky eating. While 17% will experience such severe eating restrictions that it has become life-threatening due to extreme and rapid weight loss of at least 10%-15% of their body weight. 

The reasons for the disordered eating in PANS PANDAS patients varies from patient to patient. We see many cases of ARFID “Avoidant and restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and Body Dysmorphia. 

For many, food restrictions are firmly rooted in OCD, a primary PP symptom; there are often fears of contamination, vomiting, choking. Another symptom of PANS PANDAS is sensory processing issues; this can affect eating due to swallowing and texture issues. PANS PANDAS patients can also have distorted body image. This can happen especially in patients who have PANS PANDAS for several years, so it is seen more often in older patients, but it can happen in younger patients. 

Much more awareness of eating disorders resulting from PANS/PANDAS needs to happen so that proper diagnosis and treatment be prescribed. Remember, treating PANS/PANDAS is a three-pronged approach: 1) remove the source of inflammation, 2) treat dysregulated immune system and inflammation 3)treat the symptoms. If PANS patients with eating disorders are not diagnosed correctly, then there is no way they are receiving all three facets of the diagnostic guidelines; only implementing psycho-therapeutic interventions will not be enough for lasting recovery. Learn more about PANS and Eating Disorders today.

ASPIRE is a NEDAwareness Week Organizational Partner. NEDAwareness Week aims to shine the spotlight on eating disorders by educating the public, spreading a message of hope, and putting life-saving resources into the hands of those in need. In the United States, 30 million people will be affected by an eating disorder at some point in their lives, but myths and misinformation still keep people from getting the help they need.​​ The official hub for NEDAwareness Week 2021. Includes resources for education on eating disorders, shareable information, event guides, finding events, going for help, and more.


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  1. Dawn Baggett
    February 19, 2021

    Thank you for shining a light and breaking through the confusion!


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