Lyme Disease & Tick Borne Infections Fundamentals – Dr. O’Hara

Aspire-lyme-Dr-Ohara-tick-fundamentalsLyme ­­is it Affecting My Child? You Bet Your Rash & Other Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH, FAAP, a member of the ASPIRE Professional Advisory Board, presented on Lyme Disease, Tick-Borne Illness and Co-infections as part of the NECH Educational Series. This presentation is divided into 5 separate posts.

  • Section 2: ILADS Lyme Disease Guidance
    • ILADS Lyme Overview
      • Genetic Susceptibility and Mother-Child Transmission
      • Testing for Lyme Disease and Tick Testing
      • Signs & Symptoms of Acute Lyme Disease
      • The Rash
      • Lyme Disease and Eye Disease
      • Clinical Diagnosis of Lyme Disease
    • ILADS Treatment Guidelines
      • Treatment basics
      • Treatment that is not effective
      • Initial Treatment and Guidelines
      • Higher Risk of Treatment Failure
      • Evaluation of Unexpected or Undesirable Course
      • Herxheimer Reaction
  • Section 3: MSIDS & Chronic Lyme
    • Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome
      • Multisystem Disease Treatment
    • Chronic Lyme – Autoimmune Disease
      • Chronic Lyme Treatment

Dr. O’Hara is a board-certified Pediatrician. Prior to her medical career, she taught children with autism. Dr. O’ Hara entered general private practice in 1993, and in 1998 began her consultative, integrative practice solely for children with special needs. Since 1999 she has dedicated her practice to the integrative and holistic care of children with neurodevelopment disorders, ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, OCD, Lyme, and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. She is a leader in the training of clinicians, both in the US and abroad. Dr. O’Hara’s Website & Full Bio

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