School Based Awareness Projects and Fundraisers

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School Awareness Projects

The key to a successful capstone project and/or awareness event is to be passionate and committed to the cause. Raising awareness about PANS and PANDAS can make a meaningful impact in your community and beyond. Below are a few ideas that have worked well in the past, but feel free to be creative.

Let us know how ASPIRE can help you. We would also love to feature your project on our social media. We have assisted many students with capstone projects, health or science class papers, fundraisers, and more. Please email our President, Gabriella True, to let them know about your project!


ASPIRE Materials

Below are quick links to some of ASPIRE’s most popular materials for you to use. There are many more, so make sure to look through the whole section and in different sections of the website. 

  • Handouts, Toolkits and Posters:  Link
  • Posters: Link
  • What is PANS/PANDAS Handout: Link
  • ASPIRE Short Video: Link
  • Educator Toolkit: Link
  • PANS in the School Setting Handout: Link
  • Information for Providers Toolkit: Link
PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day – October 9th

Depending on your timeline, Awareness Day is often a great day/week to spread awareness at your school. 

Class-Based Projects

Some students have created an information poster or written a paper for their class/capstone project. We have many materials you can download and use for your project. Often, the topics include the PANDAS Disease Mechanism, Epidemiological Data, PANS Diagnostic Criteria, Treatment Triangle, Excerpts from Studies, and How it Affects Learning. 

Posters/Informational Flyers

Many schools will allow you to print posters and display them on a designated bulletin board. Ask the school to make one or several posts on their school calendar, social media, newsletter, etc.

Short Video on PANS/PANDAS

ASPIRE has a 10-minute video on PANS. Some schools will show it during an assembly. You can request that the school do a mass email with a link to the video. Watch Video.

School Newsletter 

Write an article about PANS/PANDAS for the school newsletter. 

PANS PANDAS Posters Awareness

Provide Information for Staff

We have extensive toolkits, one specifically for educators. But we also have a couple of one/two-page school-focused handouts. You can email a link to the toolkit to all staff. ASPIRE also offers free 1–2-hour professional development in-services via Zoom. You can request that they arrange one. We could possibly provide a pre-recorded video, too.

Information on In-Services: Link

Share your Personal Story

You can share your personal PANS story by writing about it or creating a short video. You do not have to share every detail of your story, of course. 

We would love it if you allowed ASPIRE to put your story, written or video, on our website. We can share your story, project, and/or fundraiser on our social media platforms.

Write your story and read others: Link

Interview Experts

Please get in touch with us if you would like to interview ASPIRE’s Board President for your project via Zoom. Also, ask your providers if you can interview them briefly.

Other Project Ideas

Some students have done other projects that may or may not include a fundraiser to donate proceeds to ASPIRE.

  • Organize a walk at the school
  • Sell awareness bracelet
  • Fundraise for a Pajama Day For PANS/PANDAS

1 in 200 kids have pans pandas school

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