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Advances in PANS PANDAS Research – Review of Research Publications

cvr Advances in Research ASPIRE Toolkit 2021 - NEW VERSIONSupported by novel animal disease models and clinical research, key advances in our understanding of PANS, PANDAS, post-infectious basal ganglia encephalitis (BGE), and immune-related encephalopathies have emerged over recent years. Large epidemiological studies continue to support the relationship between infectious triggers and neuropsychiatric disorders. Advances in our understanding of neuroimmune dysregulation are shaping future findings in diagnostic and treatment outcomes. Highlighted are a few recent research studies and reviews of thereof that are furthering our understanding of PANS PANDAS.

The ASPIRE information packet on Advances in Research divides the research into sections in order to make it easy to review current research on a specific topic: JCAP diagnostic and treatment guidelines, disease mechanisms, and the various treatment options.

Click the button below to download the thirteen-page information packet for Current Research on PANS PANDAS.  Share directly from this page or download it to email or print.

PANS PANDAS Recent Studies PANDAS Packet

For links to even more research, see the ASPIRE Research section in our Resources category.

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