Thank You to ASPIRE’s Volunteers!

ASPIRE Celebrates Volunteer Appreciation Week!

ASPIRE volunteers are the heart of our organization, aiming to improve the lives of those affected by PANS PANDAS. Our different backgrounds and talents, when woven together, are mightier than individual threads. I think, besides PANS, what we all have in common is we want to know more today than we did yesterday, and we want to decrease the suffering of those with PANS PANDAS by increasing others’ knowledge of these disorders. Thank you so much for the immeasurably valuable work you have done for ASPIRE! We want to let you know that your dedication is essential to the work that we do. We could not do it without you, nor would we want to. You bring ideas and positive energy. Volunteers like you genuinely change the world, and we are forever grateful. I am so proud to be a volunteer among this inspiring team.

Let’s Move Mountains Together,

Gabriella True

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