Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, highlighting the prevalence of mental health conditions, with nearly half of Americans meeting diagnostic criteria. But what percentage of them should receive a PANS PANDAS diagnosis? 
 It takes an average of 11 years between symptom onset and treatment. As early intervention is critical, we aim to reduce the gap between the onset of PANS symptoms and the start of appropriate treatment. 
During Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s continue discussing PANS PANDAS beyond our community. Your role in this is not just important, it’s invaluable. Though resistance may arise, respect everyone’s journey and understanding. Simple phrases like “Have you heard of?” or “Sounds similar to my friend who has PP” can foster awareness. Raising PANS PANDAS awareness is a gradual process, accomplished one conversation, post, webinar, flyer, or suggestion at a time.
ASPIRE offers numerous resources for spreading awareness year-round. These include informative webinars, detailed handouts, and a comprehensive website with in-depth information about PANS PANDAS. Share links to these resources to help us fulfill our mission. 
Learn more about PANS PANDAS.

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