California Legislative Updates

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California Legislative Action

Take Action! Become an Advocate! No Experience is Needed! Conquering PANS/PANDAS is as much a matter of public policy as scientific discovery, and ASPIRE and our Local State Leads like Coalition for Pans/Pandas Advocacy need your help to change the future of this devastating disorder. As a PANS/PANDAS advocate, you can engage public officials and policymakers in a variety of ways, urging their support for critical PANS/PANDAS legislation. 

Read ASPIRE’s How to Assist with PANS/PANDAS Legislation for lots of fantastic information on getting started including how to talk to your Legislators and ask for their support. See page.

Find your State Legislator: Legislator Look Up Form

Legislative Thank you letter: Template

Call to Action – California Educators

CFT Members –  We need your help! We’re looking for California educators that have been impacted by PANS/PANDAS. Please contact us if you’re willing to share your story – this could be your experience teaching a student with PANS/PANDAS, having a child with PANS/PANDAS, etc.

Parents of students with PANS PANDAS – Please ask your teachers to share their experience teaching a student with PANS/PANDAS.

To Participate: Please contact California Coalition for Pans/Pandas Advocacy via Direct Message on either their Facebook page or their Instagram page.



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