Treatment-resistant OCD: Pharmacotherapies in adults

Peter J. van Roessel, Giacomo Grassi, Elias N. Aboujaoude, José M. Menchón, Michael Van Ameringen, Carolyn I. Rodríguez. Treatment-resistant OCD: Pharmacotherapies in adults,
Comprehensive Psychiatry, Volume 120, 2023,152352, ISSN 0010-440X,

  • Many individuals with OCD do not sufficiently benefit from first-line treatment with serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
  • A broad range of pharmacotherapies have been explored as adjunctive or alternative interventions for treatment-resistant OCD.
  • Glutamatergic and anti-inflammatory interventions, among others, may offer favorable benefit to risk profiles.
  • Dopamine antagonist treatments remain the best evidenced augmentation strategy for treatment-resistant OCD.

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