Neuroimmune mechanisms in fear and panic pathophysiology

McMurray KMJ, Sah R. Neuroimmune mechanisms in fear and panic pathophysiology. Front Psychiatry. 2022 Nov 29;13:1015349. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2022.1015349. PMID: 36523875; PMCID: PMC9745203.
“Currently, our understanding of the role of immune mechanisms in the etiology and maintenance of PD remains limited. In the current review, we attempt to summarize findings that support a role of immune dysregulation in PD symptomology. We compile evidence from human studies and panic-relevant rodent paradigms that indicate a role of systemic and brain immune signaling in the regulation of fear and panic-relevant behavior and physiology. Specifically, we discuss how immune signaling can contribute to maladaptive body-to-brain communication and conditioned fear that are relevant to spontaneous and conditioned symptoms of PD and identify putative avenues warranting future investigation.”

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