Intravenous immunoglobulin for the treatment of autoimmune encephalopathy in children with autism

Kathleen Connery, Marie Tippett, Leanna M. Delhey, Shannon Rose, John C. Slattery, Stephen G. Kahler, Juergen Hahn, Uwe Kruger, Madeleine W. Cunningham, Craig Shimasaki, Richard E. Frye
Transl Psychiatry-2018

In an open-labeled IVIG study in children with comorbid ASD and PANS/ PANDAS, anti-tubulin and anti-D2R (as measured by the Cunningham panel) were associated with responsiveness to IVIG treatment, suggesting that these autoantibodies could be biomarkers to select for positive IVIG treatment outcomes. Research continues to explore serum biomarkers and genetic risk factors that can provide a diagnostic tool and/or complement diagnosis in children with PANS/PANDAS.

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