Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction Is Associated with Psychiatric Comorbidities and Functional Impairment in Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Clara Westwell-Roper, John R. Best, Zainab Naqqash, Kourosh Afshar, Andrew E. MacNeily, and S. Evelyn Stewart.Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. Published Online: ahead of print

“Neuropsychiatric disorders are common in children with bowel and bladder dysfunction (BBD), a syndrome associated with urinary frequency, urgency, holding, incontinence, and constipation. We evaluated BBD symptom severity in children and youth attending a tertiary care obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) clinic….. BBD symptoms are common and associated with high OCD-related impairment and psychiatric comorbidities. Standardized assessment may facilitate identification of BBD symptoms in this population and is critical to mitigating long-term physical and mental health impacts. Further studies are required to assess the relationship between BBD and OCD treatment outcomes.”

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