Love Conquers All – A PANS PANDAS Poem

As a mom with a child who had been battling PANDAS/PANDA, I know how devastating living thru it is and how hopeless at times you can feel. I felt inspired to write this poem from my experiences and what I’ve learned. I hope to give encouragement to those parents that are feeling lost & hopeless to keep pressing forward with faith to never give up.

Adriane Gray poem pans pandas

Love Conquers All

This journey can be so hard,
leaving you feeling paralyzed by fear to move once again.
Experiencing moments of sunshine then darkness over and over again,
sets off your PSTD in not knowing when your child’s illness will again take the win.
When will this nightmare go away,
I cannot take this another day!
Trying everything within your power,
seeking for answers hour after hour.
Feeling powerless in helping your child,
realizing there is nothing more you can do, but
learn to let go of control and just be still,
Trusting the Lord and his will.
Thru your faith are great things brought to pass,
for I promise you this pain with not last.
In my moments of despair
I retreat to my knees in prayer.
Asking God to help me to see to the light and
to win this fight.
Give me peace once more. Give me strength to keep going, although not knowing
what tomorrow will bring.
But this I know,
I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.
He will carry you thru this raging storm and
on the other side, you will find peace in this new norm.
I know this road ahead seems so long,
But find courage in knowing love will conquer all.
Set your vision on the light
You will win this fight!

️Adriane Gray



2 comments to Love Conquers All – A PANS PANDAS Poem

  1. Liz Sabillón
    June 11, 2024

    Would I be able to reach out to Adriane Gray who wrote that beautiful poem? I really need to talk to a mom who has gone through PANS with her child. We are in the midst of a flare and really need encouragement. Is there anyone I can talk to? I’ve sent comments before asking for help but no one responds. I hope someone will hear me this time. Thank you. – Liz

    • Gabriella True
      June 11, 2024

      Have you joined the ASPIRE FB group to chat in there with all the other parents?
      ASPIRE Group


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