Honor Your Doctor on Doctors’ Day – March 30!

Join ASPIRE in recognizing a doctor who inspires you, who has helped your family heal, who has gone that extra mile, who has listened to you.

We are working on a special “thank you” for all of our physicians who dedicate themselves each & every day to the health of our patients, families & community. If YOU have a PANS/PANDAS doctor you’d like to give a special shout out to, let us know so we can create a special thank you! Your expression of gratitude will be sincerely appreciated.

Due By March 25 (so we have time to prepare the thank you notes)

*Step 1: Write no more than 425 characters including spaces about why you are thankful for your PANS/PANDAS doctor.

Step 2: Email us at Gabriella @aspire. care (remove the spaces)

  • Your Thank You Note (no more than 425 characters)
  • Your Name
  • Doctor’s Name
  • Your Doctor’s contact information: email, phone & website so we can try and email them a personalized card in addition to putting it on our facebook page.

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” — William Osler


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