Women’s Day – Celebrating Women in our Community

Swedo pans pandas womens dayToday, on Women’s Day, as I take notes from my morning meeting with Dr. Susan Swedo about upcoming and ongoing projects, I am taking a moment to reflect on her seminal work on PANS PANDAS and all of the fantastic women in our community. I am so thankful for what she has done for the community, how she helps with the work at ASPIRE, and how she helps me stay focused and encouraged. Where would we all be today without Susan Swedo, MD, and Henrietta Leonard, MD, identifying PANS/PANDAS? I shudder to think. Where would we be without all the other providers who tirelessly care for all the patients? Where would we be without all the women running the various PANS organizations? Where would we be without the moms who fight tirelessly for all of our families? Where would we be without all the young women who have grown into advocates? If I were on a podium trying to thank all the courageous, intelligent, and caring women in this community, I could be up there all day. So, I hope you join me in pausing to honor the women in our community with whom I am proud to stand arm in arm.

xo Gabriella

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