Writing Requests for Assessments & Services

How to Ask for an Evaluation 

  • Written Request – Put all requests and correspondence in writing.
  • Ask for an evaluation and explain why
  • Provide medical documentation of diagnosis and supporting materials

Written Request
Email or write a formal letter to the teacher, principal, or school psychologist. Ask for an evaluation for special education or a 504 plan: explain why your child may need these services and all the areas of suspected disability/need.

  • Specify possible areas of need – behavioral, emotional, reading, math, physical 
  • Include a letter from the child’s doctor including
    • diagnosis, manifestations, symptoms, etc. and their effects
    • suggested accommodations from the doctor (if willing)
See Sample Letters

Tips for Communicating in Writing 

  • Date the communication.
  • Include your child’s name, grade, teacher, and your daytime contact information. 
  • Clearly state your request or concern. Remember, you may be writing to Pupil Services/Special Education Department/Principal/Other staff who may not know your child’s circumstances. 
  • Present the facts. Exclude negative emotions. 
  • Add a “thank you” at the end of the letter. 
  • Review your letter/note for clarity, accuracy, grammar, and spelling. 
  • Ask someone else to review the letter/note if you aren’t sure you are getting your message across and make necessary changes. 
  • Do not forget to keep a copy of the letter. 
  • If you are mailing the letter rather than emailing it, you should consider delivering it in person or purchasing a Return Receipt from the post office to establish the timeline. Please see your state’s rules and regulations regarding timelines. 

Suggested Materials to Share with the School

You can share supportive materials after your written request for an evaluation OR include them with your request.

  • Letter from your child’s healthcare provider, including medical condition/s, diagnosis/es
  • Treatment/medication 
  • Recommendations for accommodations/modifications
  • Copies of ASPIRE publications

    Special Education Articles

    Learn more about PANS PANDAS in the school setting. PANS PANDAS is a medical condition in which symptoms affect a student’s ability to attend school and learn.

    PANS PANDAS at School

    Written in conjunction with ASPIRE Education Committee and Shara Virlan.

    Sharla has 14 years of classroom education. She also has a child with PANDAS. She runs the PANS PANDAS Education Facebook page.

    • S Elementary Ed. with a minor in Early Childhood ED.
    • Masters in Educational Leadership
    • License in Reading Instruction
    • 14 years of teaching experience (Grades K-3)
    • 1 year of Literacy Coaching

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