Prospective Longitudinal Analysis of Immune Responses in Pediatric Subjects After Pharyngeal Acquisition of Group A Streptococci

Nicholas D. Hysmith, Edward L. Kaplan, P. Patrick Cleary, Dwight R. Johnson, Thomas A. Penfound, James B. Dale
Journal of Pediatric Infectious Disease Society-2017

The prospective study examining the immunological response to infection by group A streptococcus (GAS) was performed in serum samples obtained from pediatric subjects. Study examined the immune response to 13 shared GAS antigens and 18 type-specific M peptides, but found no novel pattern of immune responses. Importantly, the study found that 65% of new streptococcus infections did not result in symptoms despite a detectable immunological response. This finding is supported by previous research and suggests that the majority of GAS infections remain undetected and contribute to the burden of the disease when left untreated.

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