West Virginia PANS PANDAS Updates

West Virginia needs your support again!!

NEW Call to Action West Virginia! All hands on deck!

The first version of the insurance bill (HB2252) passed through the House Health Committee unanimously. Now it is in the hands of the Finance Committee; it has a new bill number and bill name. HB2965: Requiring PEIA, Medicaid and other health insurance providers to cover treatment of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders. Link to HB2965

Call and Email the House Finance Committee Today!


Everyone needs to call and email the House Finance Committee and ask them to support HB2965.

IMPORTANT: Please do not contact Jeff Pack or Dianna Graves as they have both committed to voting yes.

Who is everyone? You and anyone you know. That means you should forward this information to family, friends, teachers, co-workers, doctors, therapists, etc. Do these people need to live in West Virginia? No. West Virginia wants to hear from anyone.

Numbers matter so call and email today!

Zero experience needed. Your delegates want to hear from you! Taking these calls and reading these emails is their job. They represent you and your needs. So, please don’t hesitate. It does not take a long time to do but makes a huge impact.

What do you say to ask for support on an Insurance Bill?

  • I want to let you know about a bill you’ll be seeing that means a lot to me. HB 2252 is imperative because children with PANS/PANDAS need access to affordable care for them to reach recovery so their illness doesn’t become a chronic condition, which will impact their lives as well as create a financial burden on the state. (Also, say the full PANS/PANDAS name as they are written out in the bill.)
  • My child has PANS/PANDAS, and it has negatively affected him/her. (Then give a brief description.)
  • Thank you for supporting this bill.

Excerpt from how to Get Involved in Legislation and see ASPIRE’s General Do’s and Don’ts for additional tips.

ASPIRE Letter’s of Support


House Finance Committee Contact List

Attached is the House Finance Committee contact list. Also, this link from the WVE Council provides an easy-to-use contact list. You can even cut and paste all these emails below.

bill.anderson@wvhouse.gov, jasonbarrett@wvhouse.gov, brent.boggs@wvhouse.gov, vernon.criss@wvhouse.gov, joe.ellington@wvhouse.gov, paul.espinosa@wvhouse.gov, marty.gearheart@wvhouse.gov, dianna.graves@wvhouse.gov, john.hardy@wvhouse.gov, sean.hornbuckle@wvhouse.gov, john.hott@wvhouse.gov, eric.householder@wvhouse.gov, gary.howell@wvhouse.gov, daniel.linville@wvhouse.gov, zack.maynard@wvhouse.gov, jeffrey.pack@wvhouse.gov, dave.pethtel@wvhouse.gov, clay.riley@wvhouse.gov, matthew.rohrbach@wvhouse.gov, ruth.rowan@wvhouse.gov, larry.rowe@wvhouse.gov, joe.statler@wvhouse.gov, erikka.storch@wvhouse.gov, chris.toney@wvhouse.gov, john.williams@wvhouse.gov


If you have questions about this bill or how to get more involved, please contact State Lead, Debbie Nelson.

Regarding HB2252

WV needs your help asking legislators to support HB 2252: Requiring insurance coverage for treatment of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders. 

Click for more Information on HB 2252.

Health and Human Resources Committee will put HB 2252 on the agenda early next week. We need people to call and ask our delegates to support HB 2252. Let’s push WV to be the ninth state to pass legislation! Thank you all so much.  

Attached is a pdf of the emails and phone numbers of the Health and Human Resources Committee. Please contact each of them. If they are your district legislator, please make sure you let them know that too. If they commit to supporting HB 2252, please contact Debbie Nelson to let her know so she can keep track of supporters. WV House Health Committee 2021 Contact List

As of today – 3-4-21: the following have committed to giving their support for the bill. If you have contacted the committee members who have not committed to supporting the bill and you have time, please call the following delegates and thank them for their support. 

  • Pushkin
  • Walker
  • Fleischauer
  • Dean


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