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April 2019

Association of Exposure to Infections in Childhood With Risk of Eating Disorders in Adolescent Girls

Lauren Breithaupt, Ole Köhler-Forsberg, Janne Tidselbak Larsen
JAMA Psychiatry-2019

Findings: In a Danish population-based cohort study of 525 643 adolescent girls, a prior infection in childhood was associated with an increased risk of later anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorder not otherwise specified.
Meaning: The findings suggest that prior exposure to infections and treatment with anti-infective agents are associated with the development of eating disorders, supporting an emerging immunologic hypothesis.

The Invisible Wheelchair
April 16, 2019
The Invisible Wheelchair

The focus of this podcast will be OCD, anxiety and anxiety disorders, interviewing people dealing with OCD, talking about symptoms, intrusive thoughts and much more. I hope you will find it help,...

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Immunoneuropsychiatry: novel perspectives on brain disorders

Katrin Pape, Ryad Tamouza, Marion Leboyer & Frauke Zipp 
Nature Reviews Neurology-2019

  • Chronic inflammation and latent infections can cause higher-order network disturbances, resulting in cognitive and behavioural impairment.
  • Psychosocial stress correlates with inflammatory processes in the CNS.
  • Immune dysregulation plays a key role in psychiatric disorders
  • Immune treatments are emerging as therapeutic options