Webinar – Patricia Rice Doran – Behavioral Support for Students with PANS PANDAS at School

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Speaker: Patricia Rice Doran, EdD

Webinar: Behavioral Support for Students with PANS PANDAS at School

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  • To describe potential impact of PANDAS/ PANS and post-infectious encephalitis on behavior
  • To identify strategies for school and home to address challenging or nonproductive behavior
  • To assist families and educators in developing positive and supportive systems around behavior, particularly as it may be influenced by neuroimmune disorders
About Patricia Rice Doran, EdD

Patricia Rice Doran, Ed.D., is an associate professor of special education at Towson University. She has research expertise in supporting students with PANDAS and PANS, school planning for students with specialized health needs, and cultural and language diversity. She is the editor of PANDAS and PANS in School Settings: A Handbook for Educators (Hachette/ Jessica Kingsley, 2016) as well as the lead author of the family handbook, A Parent’s Guide to PANDAS, PANS and Related Neuroimmune Disorders: Information, Support and Advice (Hachette, 2019)

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