PANS PANDAS Legislative Support Letter Sign On

Thank you for agreeing to support ASPIRE’s efforts to create legislative change

Letters of support from providers are critical in educating legislators to vote in support of bills concerning PANS PANDAS. The main legislative effort is to pass mandated insurance coverage for PANS/PANDAS. Occasionally, legislators propose bills to create an advisory council or an awareness day. As part of the legislative process, we ask providers, such as yourselves, to submit written testimony supporting a bill. By signing on to this Legislative Support letter, you actively support these efforts by showing a unified force; power in numbers matters, especially in legislation.

During the process, if the bill proceeds from a proposed bill to a signed one, the written testimony must be provided several times to different audiences. Therefore, we may update the attached letter several times within one legislative session in each state. The updates do not change the main content of the letter. We will edit who is to be addressed and possibly the bill number/name. If another state passes legislation, we may add that information. If significant new information comes to light, we will resubmit an updated draft and ask that you re-sign the new letter. If you have questions, please contact ASPIRE President, Gabriella True.

  • Your contact information will not be added to ASPIRE's database. We will only contact you regarding this letter you are signing to support if we need to.
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