Lisa Williams – 5 PANS PANDAS Tips/Advice

Lisa Williams, a certified Divorce Coach, shares 5 tips for PANS PANDAS when the parents are divorced or separated.


  1. When divorced, have medications/supplements at both homes. Have your child’s supply of supplements and/or medications with instructions at BOTH homes. This will eliminate the need for these essential items to be packed and lugged back and forth between houses. No need to remember as they are at each house! 
  2. Have both parents attend all medical appointments. Have both parents go to important doctor appointments together with the child. If work gets in the way, ask the doctor if the parent that is not in person can listen in over the phone or via video chat. This can avoid one parent “not believing” what the doctor said if it is not heard first hand. Both parents will have the opportunity to ask the doctor questions.
  3. Share all medical results and notes with each other. Share all results of labs, medical tests, and doctor notes with the other parent via email, so everyone knows what was shared and when. This avoids a “he said/she said situation.”
  4. Some of these tips may need to be part of the divorce agreement. If any of these are hard to implement because of the nature of the parent’s relationship, try to negotiate to put it in the divorce agreement. Discussing hard issues up front can save a lot of emotion and fights later.
  5. Keep breathing and taking time to be calm. Breathe, breathe and breathe again… divorce is hard, and divorce with a PANS PANDAS child is even more challenging.

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