Kelly Wooldridge – 5 PANS PANDAS Tips/Advice

Kelly Wooldridge – Board Member


  1. Be intentional with the time you spend with your non-PANS kiddos, especially if they are independent and seem to be doing “ok.” They likely need more of your time than you think – not necessarily in quantity, but one-on-one dedicated time. 
  2. Hug your P/P kiddo – a lot. This tip is from my husband – Hug them until they melt into you and receive them. 
  3. Let them know you are on their side. Repeat over and over and over – I am on your side, and I will never give up on you. We WILL figure this out. I promise.
  4. Not all advice will apply to your situation. Lean on the social media groups and be very careful in the social media groups. Everyone is well-intended, and everyone has a different story. Take advice with a grain of salt and do your own very careful research. 
  5. Think about what you share publicly about your child. If you choose to advocate publicly (please do!), be careful sharing your child’s story. Consider whether 10 years from now if they want their peers to find a story about them if they Google their name. (Some are completely ok with this!!)

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