Kathy Rubel – 5 PANS PANDAS Tips/Advice

Five Tips from Kathy Rubel – ASPIRE Key VolunteerASPIRE PANS PANDAS tips KR

  1. Be patient with yourself, your child, and your family. 
  2. It helps to remember that OCD can be terrifying. Your child’s behaviors are often due to an unrealistic but terrifying fear.  
  3. Be open-minded. Consider other ways to approach wellness. Traditional methods are not the only way to heal from PANS.
  4. Healing takes time. Treating PANS PANDAS is a marathon, not a sprint.  
  5. Track symptoms and interventions. Keep a chart of symptoms, behaviors, and the changes you make in medications or supplements. Tracking will help you and your doctor correlate whether medication or supplement changes are increasing or decreasing symptoms.

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