Greg Panagos – 5 PANS PANDAS Tips/Advice

Greg Panagos – Board Member


  1. Meet with school officials to explore education options. Remember that if the child is unable or unwilling to attend school, homeschool programs may be the most appropriate option. There are many ways to homeschool, and there are some online programs available too. (PANS PANDAS in the School Setting)
  2. Discuss and educate the child about their disease/ symptoms to better reduce the stigma. Also, it is crucial that they have an age-appropriate understanding of what is going on with them and why. (Symptoms)
  3. Make your best effort to continue normal socialization with friends and siblings. Even if they are not in school, create opportunities for them. Socializing should not be used as a reward. 
  4. Parents need downtime – this is not selfish; it is a needed respite. A rested parent is a better parent. 
  5. Network with other families with sick children to co-support and understand the impact. Group therapy as a model does work. (ASPIRE Chitchat & FB groups)

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