Lord of the Fries: When It’s Not Just Picky Eating

GROUP breaks down an eating disorder that, unlike anorexia or bulimia, has nothing to do with body image. ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) can look a lot like picky eating, but it’s physically and psychologically very different. We hear stories from three different individuals whose lives have been affected by ARFID: vlogger Morgan Ashley Gale who eats mainly bread and cheese, Robert Rund who spent years living on only hamburgers and french fries, and Erin Kerch whose ten-year-old son eats mainly chips, crackers, and dry cereal. We also speak with Dr. Evelyn Attia, Director of Eating Disorder Research at the Columbia University Medical Center, and we hear from Dr. Kim DiRé who has treated an impressive amount of ARFID patients and has a unique theory about what causes the disorder. 

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