Related Organizations

National Support

Pandas Physicians Network – PPN

Mending Minds Foundation

The Pace Foundation Arizona

Pediatric Research and Advocacy Initiative – PRAI

The Foundation For Children With Neuroimmune Disorders

Pandas Network

National Eating Disorders Association – NEDA

Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs – MAPS

Tourette Association of America

Immune Deficiency Foundation

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society – ILADS

International OCD Foundation

Regional Organizations

Southeastern PANS PANDAS Association – SEPPA, Southeast

Children’s Autoimmune Brain Disorders Association – CABDA, Texas

Connecticut PANS PANDAS Partnership – CTPPP, Connecticut
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Midwest PANS PANDAS Association, Midwest

Central MA PANDAS/PANS Education and Support Group, Massachusetts

PAN(DA)S & Encephalitis Kids – PAE Kids, South Carolina

New England PANS PANDAS Association – NEPANS

Northwest PANS PANDAS Network – NWPPN, Northwest

International Organizations

PANS/PANDAS UK United Kingdom

PANDAS/PANS Ontario Canada

Prairie PANS Calgary Canada

SANE Sweden

PANDAS Ireland


PANDAS/PANS Australia and New Zealand – Advocacy & Support

PANDAS Netherlands