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26th Annual OCD Conference

July 19, 2019 - July 21, 2019

Come visit ASPIRE at Booth 11! We will be there all weekend talking about PANS and OCD.  Come listen to lectures, join support groups, and much more.

Here are the three PANS specific lectures/events at the conference. Lots of other fantastic lectures to hear during the entire conference.

Lecture: PANS/PANDAS: Understanding the Current Diagnostic and Clinical Management Recommendations

DescriptionThe presenters will provide insight into the PANS Research Consortium’s diagnostic and clinical management recommendations for PANS/PANDAS patients. In addition to learning how to evaluate PANS/PANDAS, presenters will review treatment options, including antibiotic therapy, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory therapies, and symptom management.

Speakers: Eric Storch, Baylor College of Medicine & Margo Thienemann, Stanford University & Theresa Willett, Stanford University

Lecture: Multidisciplinary Care for Children with Acute-Onset OCD and Neuropsychiatric features

Description:  At the University of Arizona Children’s Post-Infectious Autoimmune Encephalopathy Center of Excellence, our clinical and research focus is designed for children who present with acute onset within 48-72 hours, with severe OCD, movement symptoms, and acute behavioral change. We will present on our ongoing refinement of our understanding of appropriate work-up and interventions. We will discuss stratification of cases with regard to likelihood of having an inflammatory or autoimmune etiology, as well as determining who is most likely to benefit from treatment, and to which treatments. We will discuss the current research on interventions for PANS/PANDAS, and the tiered treatment protocol we implement. In addition, we provide a functional behavioral assessment and recommendations to specific functions and family accommodation.

Speakers: Michael Daines, University of Arizona College of Medicine & Peter Klinger, University of Arizona College of Medicine

Lecture: PANS/PANDAS Support Group for Parents and Loved Ones

Description: Parents and loved ones of PANDAS/PANS children experience a unique stress and burden as their lives are suddenly turned upside down by severe OCD, anxiety, school disruption, and behavior changes. This support group will provide strategies for navigating the labyrinth of PANDAS/PANS while allowing parents and loved ones to meet others who understand the complexities of living with these illnesses.

Speakers: Margo Thienemann, Stanford University


July 19, 2019
July 21, 2019
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