The Parent’s Survival Guide to PANDAS/PANS

The Parent’s Survival Guide to PANDAS/PANS is an easy-to-read handbook written by Deborah Marcus, a mother of two daughters who has struggled on and off with PANDAS/PANS as a result of contracting Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses as well as strep in 2014. After experiencing the physical, emotional, and financial impacts of this illness on her family as well as others, Deborah was inspired to write a book that would help others who are just beginning on this journey and attempting to get a proper diagnosis for their child or have been on this journey for a while and need help coping. The parent-friendly handbook is designed to help you:
  • Recognize what is going on in your child
  • Learn how to obtain a proper diagnosis
  • Explore treatment options
  • Set expectations for your family and others
  • Gain support and self-care
  • Learn tips and tricks to help manage day-to-day
  • Connect with extensive resources
  • Relate to real, raw stories of others
  • Understand what it feels like to have the illness from children’s firsthand accounts

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