PANS / PANDAS Strength – Hope – Understanding: A Picture Book for Children, Family, & Educators

by Suzanne Gushansky

PANS PANDAS Strength Hope UnderstandingPANS / PANDAS Strength – Hope – Understanding is a simple and easy to understand words and engaging illustrations will help you understand the complexity of a serious disorder that has been gravely misunderstood in the past. It begins by explaining the basics of PANS/PANDAS and what is happening on an immunologic level. Filled with pictures to explain antibodies, autoimmune, and encephalitis and how they pertain to the disorder. Pictures will help explain how kids with PANS/PANDAS feel from one moment to the next. Kids will relate the the characters and know they aren’t alone. Parents and kids alike can use the book as tool to relate to their feelings. For adults and educators this book will help them really understand what our kids are feeling and to understand they should be compassionate. Don’t skip the end of the book. Your child will find a couple fun activities. This book will bring strength, hope, and understanding, to every reader.

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