Anu French, MD, FAAP, ABoIM

Anu French, MD, FAAP, ABoIM

Professional Advisory Board

Dr. Anu French’s, MD, FAAP, ABoIM, journey to wellness over the last 24 years as a holistic pediatrician and the last 16 years as a mother has been focused on building resilience of mind body and spirit for herself, her patients and her family. As she has learned more about toxic stress, inflammation and chronic disease, she has made reversing the effects of these a priority through her health care equity advocacy and her research supporting neuroplasticity and intergenerational resilience. 

Dr. French is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a Member of the AAP’s Pediatric Integrative Medicine Leadership Initiative. She is double board-certified in Pediatrics and Integrative Medicine and has completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through Dr Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine. She serves on the IM4US (Integrative Medicine for the Underserved) Policy committee and is currently completing a fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry. A yoga student for 20 years, she coauthored and published a review on Yoga in Children included in the AAP’s recent Clinical Policy Statement on the use of Mind-Body Therapies in Children and Youth, and completed Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

Dr French practices whole child Integrative Pediatrics at her office at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Pediatrics in St Louis MO and teaches community electives in Integrative Pediatrics and Nutrition. She offers community workshops on Mantra sound healing, and mindful art. Her offerings of her healing acrylic art The I Am series, her meditative music CD ‘Wake Up My Divinity’ and her children’s book ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ are available on Pandora, iTunes, Amazon and on her website. Her I Am Vida’ line of accessories support Literacy for Life global advocacy programs. 

Dr. French is passionate about creating resources that will reveal a more colorful, joyful, united, healthy world. She is committed to partnering with the families and children she is fortunate enough to meet, to empower them to begin journeys towards individual communal and global wholeness and wellness through her public Facebook page. She is grateful for these healing partnerships that nourish her own mind body spirit balance. Her choice of meditation is walking her backyard labyrinth and trying to be a mindful partner to her beloved and a mindful parent to her two precious daughters and her two wayward dogs.