Autism and PANS

My child was diagnosed at the age of 6 with severe autism. No eye contact, social skills, empathy, poor academic skills. Not able to go and play outside. No orientation outside the house made playing outside impossible. Attended special needs school. No Friends. I tied him on myself otherwise I would have lost him. Additional diagnose of Tourette disorder. Professionals told me he will be in need of care for his entire life, he will always be dependent on care.

Now after getting a PANS diagnosis and treating properly, he is now 12 years old in July. 6 years later after his autism diagnosis, he is a happy boy, attending a normal school with great school performance, he has friends, totally independent in self-care, and going on his own to school or playing outside. I wish all kids would be caring as he does, that thoughtful and blessed with such a heart from gold as he is.

Not every child can reach what he reached. But every ability your child gains is life charging. Be patient. Never lose faith. Believe in miracles. Embrace your child as it is. Some things will always be different in these children.. but we don’t need to heal everything to make them fit into the social box..these little things make each of us unique.. but never give up to love, fight and thinking about solutions? sending positive thoughts and energy to ASPIRE and all parents.  – Anita P


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