PANDAS/PANS What’s the Story-Children, Parents & Practitioners Rising to the Challenge by Lisa Wolk-Kilion

by Lisa Wolk-Kilion

You kiss your child goodnight and she smiles at you before cuddling into her pillow. As she’s been doing for quite some time, she sleeps though the night. But in the morning, a completely different child emerges — one you’ve never before seen or hugged or held. Her personality has been replaced with rage, tics, intrusive thoughts, impulsivity, defiance and separation anxiety.

“If your child has an acute onset of tics, OCD, anxiety, aggression, regression or any acute onset of somatic symptoms like sleep problems, urinary changes, infantile behavior or handwriting changes, think about PANDAS/PANS,” explains Nancy O’Hara, M.D., of Wilton.

(Natural Awakenings-2015)