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February 2019

Neuropsychiatric consequences of childhood group A streptococcal infection: A systematic review of preclinical models

Santiago Mora, Elena Martín-González, Pilar Flores, Margarita Moreno
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity-2019

Preclinical Animal Models are advancing our knowledge of Post-Infectious BGE

  • Preclinical GAS exposure induced behavioural abnormalities in different paradigms
  • Alterations induced by preclinical GAS exposure resemble those by LPS and Poly I:C.
  • Preclinical GAS exposure increase vulnerability to neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Preclinical GAS exposure is a valid model for studying streptococcal consequences.
Maternal thyroid autoimmunity associated with acute-onset neuropsychiatric disorders and global regression in offspring

Jones HF, Ho ACC, Sharma S, Mohammad SS, Kothur K, Patel S, Brilot F, Guastella AJ, Dale RC; Immune-Neurodevelopment (Imm-Nd) Study Group.
Dev Med Child Neurology-2019

Abstract: Epidemiological studies, animal models, and case–control studies indicate maternal immune activation may be an important factor involved in disease expression of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Tourette syndrome, and obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). We report eight children (mean age 6y 6mo [range 4–15y]; six males and two females) referred over a 2‐year period with at least one of these neurodevelopmental disorders plus a maternal history of thyroid autoimmunity…

PANDAS and PANS: Clinical, Neuropsychological, and Biological Characterization of a Monocentric Series of Patients and Proposal for a Diagnostic Protocol

Gamucci A, Uccella S, Sciarretta L, D’Apruzzo M, Calevo MG, Mancardi MM, Veneselli E, De Grandis E.
J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacology-2019

Conclusions: Despite these limitations, this study presents clinical, biological, and psychological features of a group of patients fulfilling the PANS and PANDAS criteria and discusses these results in comparison with patients with SC, a well-established clinical condition. Moreover, it adds notable findings to the existing little literature on neuropsychological functioning in youth diagnosed with these disorders, in particular PANS and PANDAS…